Albizia Bark Organic

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Botanical Name: Albizia lebbeck.

Common Name: He Huan Hua

Status: Dried, cut, organic bark of Albizia lebbeck 

Additional Information: The Albizia is a deciduous tree which grows naturally in many parts of the world especially India and China. You will find this plant in many gardens around Australia too. It grows to about 30 feet and has exquisite oriental-type, silk flowers.

Traditionally, Albizia is recommended for allergic conditions: Allergenic rhinitis (itchy nose), Allergenic asthma, Eczema and Urticaria (red blotches of the skin). Albizia is thought to be one of the most valued Chinese Botanicals for calming the spirit and treating anxiety, depression and stress, hence it is also known as the Tree of Happiness.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the Albizia flower is associated with the liver and heart meridians. Albizia is also used in Chinese Medicine for the treatment of amnesia, poor memory, insomnia, and for blood circulation. 

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