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Below is the German Commission E monograph for Agrimony:  

The Commission E Monographs


Agrimoniae herba
Published March 13, 1986; Revised March 13, 1990

Name of Drug

Agrimoniae herba, agrimony, cocklebur.  

Composition of Drug

Agrimony herb consists of the dried, above-ground parts of Agrimonia eupatoria L.  and/or A.  procera Wallroth [Fam.  Rosaceae], harvested shortly before or during flowering, or equivalent preparations in effective dosage.  

The herb contains tannins and flavonoids.  



  • Mild, nonspecific, acute diarrhea;
  • inflammation of oral and pharyngeal mucosa.  



  • Mild, superficial inflammation of the skin.  



None known.

Side Effects  

None known.  

Interactions with Other Drugs

None known.  

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size 1kg

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