Arnica Tincture

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The flowers of Arnica have documented history of use in traditional medicine in the preparation of tictures, creams, and ointments to help prevent brusing and help healing. Arnica tincture is also believed to benefit hair growth when applied topically.

The mother tincture of Arnica is a poison and suitable for external use only, under the supervision of your health care practitioner.

Ingredients: Organically grown Arnica Montana flowers (10%)  in 40% ethanol menstruum

How to Use:  

Mother Tincture: Use directly or as a compress to sprains and strains, bruises, painful insect bites, or other minor injury where there is pain and swelling. 

Other tinctures and pellets - Potency and dose depend on treated conditions. Please refer to a professional homeopath and Materia medica for more information.

Warning: Consult a doctor if the condition worsens. Stop using after 3 days if the condition does not show signs of improvement. Do not use on open wounds.


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