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Welcome To Newton's Pharmacy

Newton's Pharmacy has been a dedicated supplier of medicinal herbs, homeopathic remedies and biochemical compounds since 1885.

Our extensive range of dry herbs, herbal extracts and homeopathic medicines has supported practitioners and the public for generations. More recently, we have developed as a compounding pharmacy meeting the individual needs of our customers and prescribers. Our compounding pharmacists have the skills and equipment to manufacture a wide range of custom made formulations, including regulated pharmaceuticals and natural nutritional, herbal or homeopathic medicines.

Our focus is on complete and quality service to customers worldwide. Our dedicated team of qualified practitioners are able to provide up to to date information about modern and alternative treatments and advice about the products required to meet customer’s needs on a personal level. Our Practitioners provide professional consultations by appointment. The consultation fee for one hour consultation is $105.00 and for half an hour is $60. Free of charge consultations for up to 10 minutes are also available, please call to arrange time, as there is high demand for their time and advice.

More information about our Practitioners: Our Practitioners and Compounding Chemists


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