Pain Relief

Pain Relief

PAIN solutions

Pain is one of the most common reasons people consult a physician, yet frequently it is inadequately assessed and under treated, resulting in needless suffering, lost productivity, and excessive healthcare expenditures.

Effective pain management is best achieved by a team approach involving the patient, the doctor and appropriately trained pharmacist. 

This individualized approach to pain management utilizes a combination of analgesics with different but synergistic modes of action that target different points along the pathophysiological pathway. It has successfully been used to provide more efficient and safer pain relief than traditional treatments, such as the opioids.  Using a combination of drugs into a single transdermal cream may achieve better outcome than a combination of oral pain killers and minimize any unwanted systemic side effects. 

Specific Types of Pain

(1) Back Pain.

(2) Migraine

(3) Osteoarthritis

We compound drug and herbal combinations for various pain conditions, as well as anaesthetic applications used to numb an area prior procedures. In addition, we can provide Cannabis from Tilray, strictly prescription only product, reserved for serious pain.

We also have a range of over the counter pain treatments including the latest P.E.A. supplements for oral and topical administration. Most are practitioner only products, so please contact us if you wish to find out more.

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