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The story of this remedy is a legendary part of the history of Australian Pharmacy. The following is an extract from a presentation at the 37th International Pharmacy Congress in Vienna, 2009:

The early Europeans who came as convicts or free settlers to Australia would have brought many of their own familiar remedies with them, but they soon learnt to observe how the indigenous people, who have survived for 40,000 years in the harsh environment of Australia, were able to treat all manner of diseases and ailments from the flora and fauna around them.
Some may remember Eichorn’s Remedy after its inventor, August Eichorn.
This was popular as a general purpose remedy and was in most household’s medicine box, along with the Enos fruit salts and even a bottle of chlorodyne.
Originally the Remedy was produced by Eichorn and his wife at their home near Sydney and according to the package insert is, ‘manufactured from the secret formula of the late Mr August Eichorn’. 
Eichorn’s main market was at the fairs and shows in the small country towns of NSW and Queensland.
Like a true showman, whenever Eichorn rode into town, he wore a special vest adorned with medals all over his chest from ‘grateful’ people he claimed to have cured of many common diseases including abrasions, boils and carbuncles to blackheads and spongy gums. His catch cry was ‘there is help in every drop’.



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