Castellani Paint 50ml

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Castellani Paint is a traditional pharmacy compound, still used mainly as a topical antifungal solution.

Magenta (basic fuchsin)  makes a dark purple solution that appears red on the skin and can stain. It has some local anesthetic, bactericidal and fungicidal properties.

It has also been reported to stimulate granulation tissue and epithelialization. 

Magenta free solution is also available, but has a weaker beneficial effect in comparison.

Directions: Apply to affected areas at night with a cotton-tipped applicator daily at night. Then dry and dust with talc. 

Stop use and ask a doctor or pharmacist if skin irritation or sensitivity develops or increases or if the condition persists or gets worse.

Warnings: Do not use

  • for children
  • in eyes
  • with bandages
  • on large areas of the body
  • longer than one week unless directed by a doctor
  • stop use and consult a doctor if condition persists
  • in case of deep puncture wounds, animal bites, or serious burns, consult a doctor
  • if known to be sensitive to any ingredients in this product,

When using this product

•check skin for sensitivity to phenol prior to application.
•care should be taken to avoid spilling and staining. Castellani Paint will stain skin, clothing, and furnishing.





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