Black Haw Extract

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From the Team at Newton's Pharmacy

 Fluid extract of the bark of Black Haw, Viburnum prunifolium, in ethanol and purified water.

Black haw is a shrub or tree with dark green leaves and small white flowers.

The black haw has been traditionally used in a number of ways by the Native Americans, the stem of the herb were used to make baskets, while the berries were turned into a kind of jam.

In many North American cultures, the physical symptoms associated with menopause and the symptoms of menstrual cramps in women were treated by drinks of a decoction prepared from the bark of the black haw plant, the bark decoction was also used in the prevention of miscarriages and to ease the intense pains following labor during the birth of a child.

Historically, these berries were used by Native Americans for menstrual cramps, labor pains and to prevent miscarriage.

The presence of a particular helpful chemical known to be a uterine relaxing agent called scopoletin confirms the validity of its traditional use in this role to some extent. Many modern herbalists still swear by the remedial properties of the black haw bark.

As an herbal remedy, the strong astringent and anti-spasmodic effects of the black haw are used specifically in the treatment of pain associated with the menstrual cycle in affected women. Many other gynecological disorders and conditions are also treated using the remedies derived from the black haw bark, thus the practices of the 19th-century are still followed by many herbalist.

Black haw may interact with blood-thinning medicines and is not recommended to use without professional supervision.

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