Bedstraw Extract

Bedstraw Extract

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Bedstraw is a herbal medicine, used traditionally in kidney and bladder disease, in cystitis in particular.  It is similar to Clivers and works as a herbal blood and kidney cleanser.

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Product no. SIZE Status Price
Gallium verum extract 50ml 50 ml
$21.80 / bottle(s) *
Gallium verum extract 100ml 100 ml
$33.60 / bottle(s) *
Gallium verum extract 200ml 200 ml
$56.00 / bottle(s) *
Gallium verum extract 500ml 500 ml
$109.00 / bottle(s) *
Bedstraw Fluid Extract 1:1, Gallium verum-0006 1000 ml
$188.65 / bottle(s) *
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