Greater Celandine Extract

Greater Celandine Extract

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In contemporary herbal medicine, celandine is employed more in the form of a gentle tranquilizer, detoxifying herb, antispasmodic agent, and for soothing the bronchial tube muscles, intestines as well as other organs of the body. Celandine contains potent alkaloids and may be poisonous if taken in large doses. We strongly recommend that this herb is used as a traditional medicine only under the supervision of suitably qualified health practitioner. The topical use if Celandine mother tincture or extract are used traditionally as a safe and natural alternative for the treatment warts. Celandine is best known as a traditional ophthalmic medicine. The use of Celandine tincture or tea as an eye wash will help remove specks from the cornea of the eye and clear the vision. The tincture of Celandine is also widely used as a remedy in modern Homoeopathy.

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