Apis Mellifica Homeopathic Tincture

Apis Mellifica Homeopathic Tincture

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The following outlines the traditional uses of Apis as a classic homoeopathic remedy:

 Keynote Summary: Burning, Stinging pains, Swelling, Hard welts; Better from:cold application, motion, open air, uncovering affected area; Worse from: heat application, closed heated room, warmth of bed pressure worse on right side after sleeping 

Apis Mel
Useful for: Key Symptoms:
BEE STINGS Swelling, itching, redness
HIVES Hives, small or giant. Itchy
Stinging, burning pains
INSECT BITES Burning & stinging with all complaints, Hives
URINARY PROBLEMS Painful, scanty urination


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