Our Practitioners and Compounding Chemists

23/05/2017 - Our Practitioners and Compounding Chemists

Our Practitioners and Compounding Chemists








Diana Hilas

Diana is a qualified and experienced Naturopath, who is passionate about helping others and making a difference in their lives. She studied with the Australian Institute of Applied Science  and graduated with 3 Advanced Diplomas in Naturopathy, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. She has a Bachelor of Medicines Management with Professional Honours in Complementary Medicine. Diana is specialized in digestive health (bloating, constipation, IBS, GERD, diverticulitis), weight loss/detox, hormonal imbalances  (PMS, menopause, Grave's disease, hypo/hyperthyroidism), skin conditions (eczema, dermatitis), chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression using holistic approach. 

During 1 hour consultation she will assess your current health condition through iridology, sclerology, tongue, nails analysis and iodine test patch (if needed), questionnaire and she will propose a treatment program. Diana is bilingual and offers consultations in both English and Russian. Diana is available for consultations on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 



photo_Jen Jennifer Brown

Jennifer is also a registered herbal practitioner with many years of experience and very warm and caring personality. She describes her professional role below:

 "I am qualified, not only in Western Herbal Medicine but in Iridology, Aromatherapy and Reflexology. I have been a  practitioner for 20 years and a trainer for 5. I can treat from inside out and outside in for better health  outcomes and to best assist my clients. I tend to see stressed out and burnt out people of all ages as well as  allergies, emotional issues and hormonal challenges." Jennifer is also a registered ATMS member. She is available for consultations Thursday and Friday.




staff_member_photoThomas Gately

Thomas is a qualified naturopath with special interest in homoeopathy. Naturally, Thomas is the first choice    consultant for customers wanting homoeopathic medicines.

Thomas is currently completing a course about the natural management of infertility. 

Thomas is originally from New York and has some knowledge of Spanish, Russian and other languages.

He is a registered TMS member and available for consultations on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.






ElenaFotoFinalElena Ballatore

Elena combines strong spirituality, commitment and sensibility with excellence in  naturopathic knowledge. 

She has an absolute passion for helping…so much so that she left a career as a lawyer to pursue the healing  path. 
Elena holds degrees in Naturopathy from both Europe and Australia and has more than ten years of clinical  experience. She has developed an unique practical approach, based on her knowledge of traditional European  and Asian methods, classical iridology, and energy healing. Elena speaks fluently English, French, and Italian.

Elena is available for consultation on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.








Junko_photoJunko Okuda

Bachelor of Naturopathy, proficient in Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Remedial massage,  Reflexology, and  Aromatherapy. 

Junko is also a ATMS member and multilingual.

Junko has Japanese heritage and more than 10 years of experience as an alternative health practitioner in  Sydney, Australia. She is quietly confident and passionate  about helping people through her knowledge in both Western  and Eastern traditional medicine. Junko is available for consultations on Monday and Wednesday's. 









photo_default_women_blackMarie Kriz

Marie has spent many years working at Mewton's. Her empathy and customer care, patience, and warm personality are well known by our customers and staff.

Marie is our Aromatherapy expert, with sound knowledge of the properties, therapeutic benefits, and applications of aromatherapy products. She is also responsible for the selection and maintenance of our complementary medicine books section. Marie is at the store on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 







And our pharmacists are:




Vitaly_photo3Dr Vitaly Pertsis (B.Pharm, CDE, AACP, PhD)

Vitaly is a long term Diabetes Educator and Consultant Pharmacist with experience in providing detailed Medication Reviews and personalised advisory consultations.

Vitaly is also a compounding Chemist with PhD in Pharmacology, diverse experience in both Europe and Australia, and an open mind and profound interest in natural health.

Vitaly speaks Russian and English and is available for advice on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.






staff_member_photoJohn Pelly (B.Pharm, Diploma in Herbal Medicine, Compounding Chemist)

Most of our customers agree that John is the most popular and charismatic pharmacist one can imagine, with over 20 years of pharmacy experience and vast up to date knowledge of both modern and traditional medicines. John Pelly loves sharing his knowledge by providing detailed advice to our in-store customers. John is in the pharmacy on Mondays and Fridays.









Photo_JizellaJizella Shelly (B.Pharm Hon. in Pharmacology, Master Herbalist, Compounding Chemist)

Jizella has over 20 years of experience in a diverse variety of roles as a pharmacist in charge in both community and hospital settings. She has worked in Europe, Africa, and Australia, and is responsible for keeping up with new standards and regulations. Currently performs only admin and managerial duties.